Bar code reader

Long shot. Anyone know how to integrate a bar code reader into a glide App?

I would like to enable my app to scan bar codes on wine bottles then retrieve product information.

Yep very long shot!

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Maybe of interest to you :thinking:


Hi, How you saw this ?

@Simon_Hill look in the thread as shown but please be aware that a native barcode scanner isn’t available yet.

You can do a workaround as described in the showcase

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I had this problem recently with a check in app I was working on. This may be a possible workaround.

I set up a Google Sheet in labeled Check In with the following columns: Check Form (an “a” is in this column to allow Glide to recognize the row when the Check In Barcode is empty) and Check In Barcode (User specific, just in case you have more than one person using the app at the same time)

In the GDE I created a tab called Check In with the Check In table as my source, the style was Details. I also added a relation to the Glide Table labeled Check In which compared the Check In Barcode to the Barcode on my Children table. This relation was used for my inline list.

There are two components in this tab, Text Entry and an Inline List.

The Text Entry is used to input your scanned barcode and is linked to the Check in Barcode column.

The Inline list, used to display the scan barcode’s information, is in Card format, it’s visibility is set to show when the barcode is not empty and it’s filter is set to when the barcode text entry equals the Check In Barcode. It’s source for me is the Children table which houses the barcode numbers.

If you don’t have a barcode scanner. I found a bluetooth scanner on Amazon called Netum Pocket 2D Barcode Scanner (Model# C750) which works well with a laptop or mobile device.


Hello @Simon_Hill
Are you going to use the application on the mobile or notebook or desktop pc?

@mmgt2005 would you share a video as well as this often makes it easier for people like me to understand?
How do you get the info from the scanner into the app - is it scanned directly to google sheets ?
Thanks for sharing👍

@krivo To get the info from the scanner into the app, you can click on the field of the app and scan the barcode. The scanner works like a keyboard and inputs the barcode into the field. I also found that it works in the search field as well.

I’ll try and create a tutorial tomorrow.

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I installed the app, took a couple of photos of barcodes and nothing happened. I figured it was probably my bar code so looked at the history of recent images. When I clicked on those I could not find a single one that did anything. Clicking on the button to did nothing.

Are you sure this works?

A video would be very helpful to see what you are doing.

On the mobile.

Currently users photograph a wine bottle/label. I would like the option to scan the image and have a link that allows users to access an image of the bottle and maybe product information.

Definitely not with desktop/laptop.

@Simon_Hill It is you are using, right? I have just used it and it does read the barcode. It might not show up as quickly as you might like.

Yes it reads the bar code. But then the button that appears does not nothing…

@Simon_Hill don’t think I understand. Click the button to start barcode scanning. Then select image or take photo. Then click send. Next the scanning info will be supplied. You can click to scan another image.

What exactly are you expecting the button to do on a scanned barcode? @Krivo’s app will read the barcode and convert it’s contents to text. If it’s a UPC code, it’s not going to do much, other than translate the barcode into it’s numeric equivalent. If it’s a QR code that contains a url, then the button will take you to that url. Since a UPC is just numbers, you would have to build in a process to cross reference the upc number against a database of products, or find a third party website that would let you create a template url that includes that upc number and takes you to a website that gives more details on the product. Krivo’s app is just a demonstration of how to use a third party service that will read the barcode out of an image and return the value thats represented by that barcode. I don’t think it’s designed to give you product information for upc codes.


We’re releasing built-in barcode scanning very soon.


Thanks Jeff.

It’s my bad for assuming some bar codes did much much more. I thought some bar codes might look up the product info automatically and recall rich data. Hence, I was expecting the button that appears to do something even when a simple number is returned. You’re right, the look-up link to a database is required and that’s a whole new ball game.

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great news. I would trade that feature for ‘relations with conditions’ or even a ‘clear column’ action :slight_smile:
Any news on those 2?!


Going to be a game changer for quite a few apps :+1::+1:

Exactly @Jeff_Hager
And soon we will get it natively. That’s cool😎

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There are some existing websites that might be useful. You just plug the UPC into the url and it gives you some additional info.

I’m sure there are a bunch of other sites like those that would do the same thing. Here’s one more you may like.