Bar code reader

lol I was just watching videos from cellar tracker.

But your link ‘barcodelookup’ works like a dream… for example, I found a label on the web and searched for the number on their website:

So if Glide introduces a bar code scanner it should be a couple of easy steps to add the code to a URL (template component) and then allow a user to visit a website for more info. Great!

Thank you Jeff!


Exactly, yeah it should be pretty easy to build the url with a template column or a construct url column.

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Jeff - whilst you’re there (!) do you think there is a solution to clearing a column based on this concept:


Let’s say I want to reset the Boolean switches in S1. Do you think there is a solution based on making A1 through A5 into relation columns with AA? I’m hoping this would open the door to a series of actions, each one based on the sequence of relations. Each action would open up the option to clear the cell in S1. So 5 actions triggered by an event in the App.

The nice thing is you could have S1, S2, S3… and the set column would open up the range of cells to be cleared.


You can only set a column value in a single row. If you know that you would only have 5 rows to update, you could create 5 single relations linking AA to each A1-A5 column. The you could have 5 set column actions to set the S1 boolean value on each row. through each individual relation.

I have what a feel is a better alternative here.

I think I was trying to describe your solution. So I’m happy. Yes I only have a limited number of rows (15) to reset. So that’s manageable.

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Hello, I know this is not an elegant solution. But I use a keyboard that reads barcodes.
It only works on android, it works for an app that I have to control stock in warehouses.
The keyboard was a contribution from a fellow member of the forum, I did not know it.
Hopefully soon we can do it natively.

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@david I hope you will take some of the input from the community into consideration before you launch the barcode scanner. I have made a comment when I saw the functionality the first time - and it seems as the functionality is the same as it was at that time. I think you could enhance the functionality

Barcode scanner would be super, super useful :slight_smile:


Since you mention Vivino, do you happen to have access to any database with product info? For example, once you have identified the bar code number do you do anything with it to retrieve info about the scanned product? I’m interested because I would like users of my App to be able to do that.

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Excited. :pray:

Yep - I think this feature would be a game-changer for a lot of people and for a lot of different kinds of apps.

There’s so many use cases a barcode/QR scanner could be used for:

  • Inventory
  • Ticketing and Attendance (events)
  • Gamification (@Robert_Petitto, your Gamification series would need a “Round 3”!)
  • Sales/Ecom
  • Networking/sharing info

… and I’m sure many, many more!

Yes, I’m aware many of these applications can be accomplished with the current feature set Glide provides…but due to the current state of our world(s), the “touchless” UX has never been in more demand, or more expected.

So using a device’s native camera abilities (paired with Glide’s amazing feature set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
to provide this UX for people would only be a win/win/win for all those involved.

/rant :nerd_face:


@Simon_Hill i understand you want to create a wine app. I don’t have any source of wine information. Vivino has that - and it is the core information for them.

Robert Parker might have wine information as a service as Vivino uses information from Robert Parker in their app

Take a look

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This is AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing @Krivo

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@david if the barcode scanner doesn’t have immediate response then please consider doing a async version where the user can keep scanning and then the app can look for errors in the scanning results continuously. I think this will be beneficial in an inventory scanner. If there is an error then the user will have to go back and rescan. Such a solution might though need to store the images before the scanning in order to retrace the barcode that failed.

Adalo has done a cool job with QR code scanner - hope we can do something similar


oh, I need this so, so, so badly…

Same! The scanner feature would be AMAZING!

Oh my… This is a feature could open up so many more possibilities! I heard it is on the horizon, any idea when?

Soon is the estimated release date :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to have it also ! This feature seems to be one of the most needed at this time !

@david I really do hope you make a great implementation of barcode scanner - and also one where the user doesn’t have to answer many questions along the way.

Have a look on this video to see how a native app solved a shopping barcode scanning situation.
First the user scans a product which is known by the app. The scan screen is closed and product is simple added - and the user is allowed to change number of items
In the second scan the product is not known to the app and the users is informed about that.


hi, you can share your sheet … it’s super nifty. Thank you

Hi all, does anybody know if the QR/Barcode reader can also send information vs receiving? Here is a potential use case.

Let’s say I have a local burrito shop and I want generate new business by offering a coupon for a free burrito in a newspaper. And in order for a person to get that free burrito, they have to scan the barcode.

Could I, the burrito shop owner, be able to get the user’s email address and/or phone number to send the coupon and additional ongoing marketing drip campaign?

Or forget the newspaper. Let’s say I’ve already got customers in my shop and I want to capture the visitor’s information for follow up value add marketing ala coupons as an example. Maybe I’d like to have a sign in the shop offering a 10% coupon or whatever and to get that coupon, all the visitor has to do is scan the code and simultaneously, they get the coupon and the shop gets the customer’s contact info?

Thanks in advance!