Barcodes/Sound - This might make people happy



They have to do this after the brilliant @Krivo released his QR app lol.


Sound in Staging—

:shark: :drop_of_blood: IT’S COMING!


The Scan Barcode is going to be huge—i see this scanning to a form field for submission or even better—a user specific column that does an immediate lookup to a list of items and returns the result of the scan!


@Robert_Petitto You can build one of these! :rofl:


@Darren_Murphy don’t temp him. He probably will.


There goes Robert’s 1 hour left to sleep daily.


I can see where this will be great with conditions - If I win a battle, it plays a victory sound, If I select the right answer, I get rewarded with a ping (and tie this to the new stopwatch for a beat the clock experience), if I complete a project, an audience cheers me :star_struck:


I think this is exactly what I am looking for :smiley:

Something like that, right?

Is it possible to do a lookup in an action?

Exactly—prolly won’t have the nice overlay popup of item unless we can build a fancy, link to screen—i’ll test!

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@mark It is fantastic news. I do have a few comments/suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Camera should be the default choice for scanning code - and should be sized accordingly (largers, bolder,…) (like image below) and easier accessible (fx to the far right in order to click is by thumb)
  2. I would like the “take image” icon to be a camera (like vivino) - and not a check-mark
  3. Accepting the scanned image is difficult for me to understand. I have to click on the recognized barcode to get it saved. If more than one barcode is found in the image Glide actually detects all of them - but it is not possible to choose which image to use - this could though be an error that is fixed before in goes to production.
  4. If there was just one barcode in the image then I expect that glide just uses that barcode. The user can thereafter just cancel, retake or use (like vivino below) the image. That would be easy for me to understand.
  5. I like that it is possible to adjust the settings directly from the scanning page
  6. Are we going to get the same settings possibility in the image picker - that would be very, very beneficial :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I can be of assistance with extra info.

I have a simple inventory scanner where I would like to use the new barcode scanning functionality:




:sweat_smile: I can’t take these magnificent releases!!

Oh my god… This is AMAZING
i literally cannot deal…

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I just saw show in alert - if it is what i am thinking it is, we may soon be able to dispense with manufactured modal pop ups.

I think I read somewhere that “Show in Alert” is something the team did for a client and doubtfully will be release to production.

I might be wrong though.

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Your right!

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Got a bit exited but it’s back to old HTML for now I guess, and who knows how many more years judging from Mark’s comments.

@SantiagoPerez @Wiz.Wazeer

Think you are confusing this with ‘show in alert’ which is not being released.

This feature is ‘play sound’ and the sound to play is ‘alert’


Actually I got it badly wrong. @SantiagoPerez was pointing out to me like you just helpfully did that “show in alert” not meant for us. It was my first time on staging yesterday. Funny thing was when the staging dashboard opened before me, I was like where are all my apps gone. I had a panic attack :joy:. Soon realised, they are just carbon copies. Then I saw show in alert. Then Santiago jumped in, then I saw mark’s comments​:roll_eyes:


Robert…I have a great idea for your app regarding this barcode scanner. You allow people to scan barcodes anywhere to find hidden legendary monsters to fight, the easiest way to do that is you just determine 3 numbers in the barcode to identify the monster. So even a box of cereal can have a hidden monster to battle.:slight_smile:

Also, I know it may be hard to design that many monsters (visually). If you need any help with that please hit me up.


Ah! So fun!