Automatically update column order/position

I noticed that once you create an app, your columns are fixed and only appear in the order you add them afterward. This is a nightmare for organization… Is there a way to get glide to recognize how you have organized your sheet after you have created the app? If my app weren’t pro, I would delete it and rebuild it so that my columns in the component lists would make sense instead of searching all over for new/old columns…

Just click and drag the columns where you want them. I think Glide changed that so you can organize how you want in the builder with them intermixed with glide only columns.

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I can click and drag in my sheet all day but they won’t show up in the component list in the order they are in on my sheet. Is there a way to make the dropdown list components offer reflect my sheet’s column order?

I’m not talking about the google sheet. I’m talking about inside the data editor in the glide builder.

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Oh my god. Why has this never worked when I tried. Thank you so much. So changes in the data editor reflect in drop down lists while building/assigning visibility?

Yes, they should. As far as I have seen, they do.

The ability to rename and reorder is fairly new.

Yall are life savers… now if there was an option to automatically mirror your sheet’s columns so everything can be done once.


Closing this one, reordering columns has been available for a while.