Table Editor - Add convenient way to reorder columns

I am sure every editor will agree that when you have a lot of columns it’s pain in the ass to keep columns logically grouped(especially that every new column is always added to the end).

Please add reordering like in Airtable:

do you have problem reordering columns in Glide? or you want multi level filters?

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Hi Uzo, not about filters at all.
Only reordering columns.
It’s very time-consuming, you have to drag column across all screen widths, scroll doesn’t work. This popup(as the above screen from airtable) just shows all columns in compact mode and allows easily reorder columns.

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question is, if this platform have integrated other platform into… like google sheets … and if they have their own calculating and relation columns… that makes quite a challenge to arrange order. (I might be full of S in that statement ;-)… but let’s see what Glide engineers will add to it)… i know for sure… how much work it is when i’m changing order for scripts

Well, right now it’s possible to rearrange columns and Glide saves order for next sessions. What I mention is just accelerated and much convenient way to reorder and keep related columns close to each other.

yes, i will love that… hope it will happen… but i know Glide is working hard on features much more necessary for now, and they are very good and fast… so might not be long

I used to spend (waste) hours meticulously rearranging all my columns and getting them in exactly the right order. But now that we have column grouping and column search across all tables - I couldn’t care less. As long as I maintain a consistent column naming/grouping scheme (which I do), I find that I can instantly find any column anywhere in my app with just a couple of key strokes.

Please tell me more about column grouping? I don’t see anything related.

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Thank you, good one!

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