Reorder Google Sheets columns when moved in Glide data editor

Is it technically possible to rearrange Google Sheets columns when they are moved in Glide Tables? When using this data store it would make for a cleaner experience if columns mirrored each other.

I don’t think.its beneficial its better like this specially when integration is placed on a google sheet it might get messed up

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That’s a good point - rearranging would indeed result in potential changes to integrations or formulas.

I don’t think this would be a good idea, though I understand that when you are building a project in Glide, you would prefer your sheets in GS/Excel and tables in GT to be mirrors of each other.

In essence, Glide maps data between GS and GT, but it doesn’t map or control the layout of a sheet (column order, colors, fonts, filters, conditional filtering). This applies to bases in Airtable.

Why is that?

  • Sheets in GS/Excel or bases in Airtable may have a life of their own: used by other team members outside of Glide. Your Glide project is meant to live on top of this data, not take over and potentially affect the user experience within the sheet/base.
  • Importantly, some formulas in GS/Excel are dependant on the order of columns. A good example of this would be vlookup. If Glide were to change the order of columns, vlookup formulas would potentially break. (An alternative to vlookup to avoid this would be to use index+match, but a lot of people are more comfortable with vlookups.)
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