"Auto-disapearing" date in a picker

While (at last) I’am approaching a v0.1 of my app, I have an headache with a date picker.
This ‘date picker’ is within an inline list with an other entry field; it should populate a dedicated ‘date’ field in the dataeditor.

The other entry field works well, but for the ‘date’, when I enter a date (today or any other ones in the future), it disapears after a few seconds.


Do you have any clue ?

Admittedly I have never experienced this with a datetime component but this might be the same.

Could you please post a screenshot of the “date column” from both the editor and the gsheet.

I’ve shown the same thing here:


Yes, Jeff! Has to be…no need for the screenshot.

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Yes, you’re right, it’s exactly this.
And I notice indeed that after a night the value are in the dataeditor, see picture (so equivalent to your ‘refresh’ I suppose).

For me it’s a little issue: all my app is relying upon this ‘date select’ … (and I would like to avoid adding another form).

Is Glide team working on it?

Hi @Mark

Do you plan a fix on this issue? It’s the basis of my app (objective is to display event based upon a user’s selected date).

Capture of the issue:

Dataeditor screenshot
For a given event, while the selected “number entry” is recorded, the selected “date entry” is not


Could you please share your app and let me know exactly how to reproduce this?

The app is: https://bacobazik.glideapp.io/

To reproduce the issue:

  • ‘Hamburger menu’ > clic on “Mon Parcours”
  • clic on one item of the in-line lists (all structured the same way)
  • activate the toggle “A mettre dans mes défis
  • Field “Fréquence”: enter a number

(by the way, you’ll see here the bug (?) that I mentionned in another post: the “e” letter can be typed in the ‘number entry’ field)

  • Field “Date de départ”: select one, and wait >> sometimes the date disapears, then come back; sometimes it appears after refresh; sometimes it works as it should be… a total mystery.