Date Time Picker getting defaulted to null over and over again

Hi Guys!

I’m running into a weird issue where the date time picker is getting defaulted to null over and over again. The date time picker is mapped to a user specific date-time type column in the sheet.
Every time I select the date, it gets defaulted to null after 4-5 seconds.

One more thing that I noticed was that if I map this picker to a non user specific plain text column, the column retains the value picked and the picker works perfectly.

My app’s URL:

Navigation to replicate the issue:
Explore > Beginner 101 Sessions > Book your free trial class > Select Tutor > Select Session Time (And wait for 4-5 seconds)

I’ve also noticed that while testing this date time picker on mobile, the picker retains the value at the frontend but the column is not populated at the back. (It gets populated temporarily and then disappears)

Snap for reference:



Might be related

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the quick reply! I already saw these two links (I’m sorry I forgot to mention, was not sure whether I’m facing the same bug or not). So the bug fix is still on its way it seems? Hope the fix is out soon. Many functionalities have come to a standstill because of this app.

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Yeah, I haven’t seen or heard anything. Hopefully a fix is in the works.

Yes, potentially. @Mark wrote some weeks ago that it should be fixed by end July … tic tac !

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Fingers Crossed.