Need help with date picker issue

Hi there,

I’ve built an app with a date picker as part of a form, basically for users to indicate their date of birth.

I’ve gotten some feedback from various users of the app that the date picker does not seem to be working properly for them. The most common issue is that they’ll select a date on the pop-up calendar, but after pressing “OK”, what’s reflected on the field of the form is a day off what they’ve selected on the calendar.

For example, someone encountering this issue may pick 10 June 2021 on the pop-up calendar, but after selecting the date it will reflect as 9 June 2021 on the field of the form.

Strangely after submitting the form, the correct date is then reflected for some, but not for others. And this problem only happens for certain users, not all. The frustrating thing is that it works perfectly fine for me so I can’t replicate the issue on my end. So I am relying on a lot of trial and error and feedback to fix the issue.

I’m also wondering if this is a timezone issue. I’m from Singapore (GMT +8) and I’ve made sure the Google Spreadsheet is in the correct timezone, but I’m just wondering if it is because the calendar is based off a different timezone and is trying to adjust and compensate for the difference, therefore the issue. But it’s just a suspicion.

Any suggestions on how to fix the issue? Would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Samuel_Lee ,

Welcome to the forum. I’m new here as well so can’t give you exact answer but another member with a great app is @Mark_Turrell who brought up a somewhat similar question regarding dates/times during the recent open coding office hours this past Thursday. Perhaps he may have more perspective on this.

Good luck

Hi, welcome to the forum.

I don’t know this issue, but I identified that they are many posts about Date Picker (I filtered on the post since Jan-2021).

By the way, this is clearly a good practice to start by looking for similar issues in the Forum: it enables you

  • not only (often) to solve your issue
  • but also to find other ideas/practices around the topic that you are looking
    Therefore save time & learn quicker.

Good luck!

I’ve had that reported to me as bugs in my app but I haven’t put the time in to track down whether it’s true, and if so, what the issue is.

The biggest issue I had with date of birth was the user not seeing the year. I shared some CSS about how to change the component to make it more obvious to the user, and my implementation now works fine (with no day-switching problem reported for a week or so).


Welcome, nice to see another Singapore-based Glide user :slight_smile:

Interesting issue. I’ve not encountered this one myself. On face value it does seem that it might be timezone related, but I’d be a bit skeptical about that. As far as I’m aware, Glide will always use the device local time (which itself brings a whole host of challenges - but that’s a different story), and never makes any attempt to adjust for timezone.

Have you tried testing to see if you can replicate the issue yourself?

If you can come up with a series of steps required to “make it happen”, then we can report it to Glide as a bug (assuming that it is) and bang our fists on the table until they fix it :wink:

Thanks! I’ve tried my luck looking around but couldn’t find any similar issue yet. I’ll keep looking!

Hey Mark,

Thanks, I’ll check it out! Did you also encounter the day-switching issue?

Hey Darren!

Yeah I tried testing it to replicate it myself but it always works perfectly fine on my devices but doesn’t on random people’s devices.

To make matters more complicated, some people face the issue at first, then it goes away on its own later on and they never face that issue again. So I’ve already had some issues just trying to chase the issue… Haha…


I know the feeling!!

Definitely not the first report of this issue.