Dates seem to be changing and not storing correctly in Glide Pages

This morning come across issues with dates in Glide Pages,
When selecting a date with a picker the date changes to another time or date after save

Something is going on and cant save or update the time correctly using a date field

Set to April 1 at 9 am
Automatically Changes to March 31st at 11pm

Any suggestions as this has destroyed functionality of our app that runs our company?

This sounds like a time zone mismatch issue.

Is your time zone UTC +10?

Where is this change observed?

  • In the Pages user interface?
  • In the Glide Data Editor?
  • In a connected data source? (GSheet, Airtable)

Is the issue evident in both the builder and the published page?

Are you using any date related plugin columns?

Do all of your users see the same problem? Are they all in the same time zone?

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