Date filled does not match the date showing up in data

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Users select a date from the date picker, and the date that shows up in the consultant-time table is the date of the day before

Expected behavior:
the correct date should appear, not the day before

How to replicate:

  • go to the 4th tab in the left side nav bar
  • click the button at the top which opens a form
  • select a date in the date picker and click submit
  • see the date of the day before

Link to demo recording:

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HI Keren,
Is this a GS app?
I had this problem also, Its was because of time zone offset.
Are you working on a Chrome browser? Is it in English or Hebrew? Switching to Hebrew may fix it.
Can you send me a link to the app? (not support)

Hey Lin!

Thanks but I’m afraid it’s a private app (that’s why I blanked the rest of the fields)

it’s partially English and partially Hebrew, and yes it’s based only on GS.
Not sure where I need to switch the timezone - in the browser, you mean?

Thank you for your help!! :pray: :pray: :pray:

I just tried changing the timezone and unfortunately it did not have any effect :frowning:

Looks like a bug, TBH…

Try to change the browser to Hebrew.
No guarantee it would work for other users

SO I found a way to change the location in my browser and it worked!

Unfortunately, my users are highly un-technical and some use it from mobile devices so I can’t explain it to them… created a workaround of a calculated field that adds a day :tipping_hand_woman:

Thanks a lot Lin!

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Open your Google Spreadsheet, then go to File → Settings, then check the Time Zone setting.

Thanks Darren but this doesn’t have a spreadsheet.

Just in case anyone gets here in trying to solve the same issue:
there seems to be a solution in the edit field:
Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 18.06.08

That checkbox should not be the fix for this issue. Respect timezones means the time you see could be different from the time I see due to different timezones. When it’s unchecked, all users see the same time regardless of the timezones they are in. If this issue is still happening, then there is still a bug or some issue with the time settings on your device, such as mismatched timezones and time.