Issue clearing date time picker

When using my app in the browser and attempting to clear a date time picker it consistently outputs 12/30/1899 0:00:00 instead of going blank.

When attempting to clear a date time picker on my or another user’s phone it doesn’t let you at all.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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Same here. Date and date time picker are not able to clear the field. Tested this on computer (Mac with Chrome) and iOS/iPadOS. I would expect the value to be blank/null. Instead when I tap the clear button nothing happens. Definitely a bug.

@Mark This is a necessity. There should be some way to clear a date/time component and have the sheet result in a null value. Thanks!

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Ageed this is a pain I have had (and my users) for some time now. I know it can be done, just don’t know why this is an issue within glide.

Caused me a problem only today. Reported by user. Is there a workaround?

The workaround I’ve created at this point is To have a input text component somewhere near the date time picker whether that be in a button that links to screen or an edit section of the screen that displays the same column as the date time picker column. When users clear the text the date time value gets deleted and results in a null value. Not the best UI, but it works.


Would an increment button work here? What happens when you increment a value of 0 to a date column?

I imagine the setup would be a button that says update your date time here, when you press that, a date time picker component will come up and it will only come up when the value of the cell is 0.

Not sure it will actually show 0 or not, but that was the trick I used to update a location component.

I tried incrementing by 1, not 0, with failed results…not sure!

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Increment -100000000000000 (14 zeros)

Sheet (Before):


Sheet (After):


Thanks for this, looks neat!

I think it has to do with the Unix format. As Unix contains 13 numbers, the action of taking 100000000000000 units from it clear the picker.

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Exactly right. I counted the # digits comprising the date (8 for mm/dd/yyyy) + time (6 for hh:mm:ss). It’s not a true clear but close.

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I was thinking about this some more. Anything less than 14 zeros fails for me. But Unix Time, if I’m understanding the concept correctly, is not absolute.

  • 07/11/2007 @ 1:10am (UTC) is represented as 1184116212 (10 digits).
  • Today, 7/29/2020 @ 11:12pm (PST) is 1596064320 (10 digits).

How are you generating 13 numbers?

That’s a neat trick, bookmarking for trying out later thanks :blush:

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I guess it includes milliseconds.

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A reset [ x ] just made an appearance! I’ve been able to clear the dates in the picker itself but it will not clear the dates in GS. Will be curious to hear others’ experiences.

Image 2020-08-07 at 9.35.53 PM

Not checked gs yet but noticed the clear button icon only appears when using date and tIme but not on date only

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That’s odd. Date/time(s) already in GS make their way back in after clearing unless a new date/time is selected.