Issue with date pickers


I discovered a bug with date pickers.

I have a button I used to access a screen which allows to set opening hours and exceptional closure dates for shops.

Until there, no problem.

When I set exceptional closures dates using the date pickers ( from dayX to dayY), it works, my sheet is correctly populated. I close the app, reopen it, and come back to the opening times and exceptional closures dates screen. The date pickers are empty, instead of displaying the from and to date. If return to the main screen (“back”) and then come back to this screen : date pickers are correctly populated with the from and to dates I previously set.

If I close the app, dates pickers empty. Back, and they are populated. And so on.

This is very confusing, and will alter the user experience and adoption.

Is it a known problem? Any workaround?

I can share the app url and owd privately, of course.


Okaaayyy… We have other problem with date pickers.

No need to share any app, this problem can be reproduced easily.

  • a fresh new gsheet. Two columns : “from” and “to”. No data.
  • create a new Glide app, using this sheet. Add the date pickers pointing to the from and to column. Publish.
  • open the app : no way to select any date for both date pickers. They remains empty, no interaction allowed.

This second problem may be linked to the first I report, I don’t know. Anyways, it seems the date picker component need some investigation…

App url (second problem) :

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Problem #1 in action!

From and to dates set (using date pickers). I open the app, date pickers components are not populated. Back, and come again : they are populated.
Close the app, retry : same behavior.

Thank you for reporting this! We’ll take a look at it.

The second problem occurs because you don’t have a row in your sheet. If you want this app to work you’ll have to add a third column and make a row where that column has a value.

Could you share the app where problem #1 occurs, please?

Done @Mark , by private msg

Thank you. We’ll fix the issue.

OK, thank you Mark