Show another sheet column in Form

You have only one screen for ordering? How about setting up an “add to cart” button on every item’s individual screen? Wouldn’t that be better?

It would be great, but that “add to cart” button wouln’t know to which order add the product. I would have to create first the order an then in the item individual screen a choice componen to select the order.

My question was about the user specific columns, why are this columns so unstable?

When do they change values? If it’s a user-specific one that should not have happened.

This 3 colums are user specific

This is an example:

As you can see I first select Pizza as producto and when I’m on the Form the product get changed

That is indeed very strange. Can you please check my personal message?

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It´s what I call a ping pong effect. I have seen this before when an APP has multiple choices and relations

Here you can see this annoying effect

If you select an option, the relation works but there is a delay to read/write the final value and meanwhile, the old value comes back and changes the screen. I have thought it could be a failure caused by internet speed (sometines the ping pong effect appears at beggining and later, everything works fine).

@ThinhDinh (or anyone else) could you check it out this behavior using my demo APP indicated above? Just to discard an internet issue.

The plan B would be to call @Mark to understand this effect and find out a workaround.

Thanks y saludos para todos!

We will fix this soon.


@gvalero Ping Pong Effect is the perfect description, I also thought the problem could be my internet speed but also I think in my case the problem could be that I have too many Array formulas in my sheet? maybe? I really don’t know. I have modified my sheet to do the formulas only at the end of the ordering process but no luck, the ping pong effect is still there

Hello @Mark, any ETA for this fix please?

In the next weeks we hope.

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Awesome. Ive noticed the ping-pong as well. This will be a very welcome fix! :100:

Awesome! Thank you @Mark

Hi @Mark

Any news about the ping pong effect and its fix? Sorry if I bother you wit it but it´s something very annoying on my APP which uses many dynamic relations and choice components.

No me odies por favor! :woozy_face:



We’re working on it.


I have it quite frequently as well, in particular on choice components, but also directly in the dataeditor when I enter - delete data. I thought it was the lag with GSheet, so moved most of my columns with ‘entry/choice’ required in the dateeditor, but it remains.

I have a top UX workaround: “Hey guys, please meditate a bit before changing your choice in the list”!

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Nice UX workaround :rofl:

Well, I don’t think the GS is the main cause, I have the same problem on my new APP which I use user specific columns only (there is no a write to GS) and still suffer with this.

Saludos @AyS_0908

Yes I agree, this is exactly what I experienced also when moved my data from GSheet to DataEditor (+ User Specific).

Hello @Mark any news about this please?

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Sorry, this is still work in progress.