Ping Pong Effect

Hello @Mark, any news about this bug? I’m getting this on all my apps

Could you please share your app and tell me how to reproduce it? Can you make a video?

I can’t share my app but I already made a video:

In the video you can see two choice components (user specific), and in the moment I press the button you can see in the form that one of the values has changed from what the choice component said.

It happens in detail screens with choice components, check box, switch, it is aleatory

@gvalero I think you have an example right?

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I’m sorry, I have a hard time following what’s happening there.

Could you share the app in a PM and tell me the steps to reproduce this, please?

I’m so sorry Mark it appears that the bug has been fixed already, I have made a new app just to explain this to you but the bug isn’t there anymore. I’ve made this example app:

When the ping pong effect occurs everytime you change a value on any of those components the value in te other changes, but now is not happening anymore.

In June you told us you were working on fixed it:

I can swear the ping pong effect was a real issue. @gvalero can say that aswell

Sorry for the problems and thank you for your help

We shipped the fix today.

When did you last observe it?


I have observed it a couple of days ago. I’m so glad that you have fixed it, it is great news.

Thank you very much


Great job @Mark!

I have tested 3 of my APPs with this problem and now everything works perfect. On last sunday this problem was still alive.

Thanks for the post and good news @AlfredoZGC.



It was mostly @Daniel_Sweet who did it.