Array Column & Video

I have an array column of exercises. I have the “exercises” linked to a circuit. I have a relation column from the exercise sheet to an image library. However when I go to build the UI, I only have one image displaying. How to I link/relate each exercise with each image?

How are you relating the exercise sheet to the image library? What is your expected end result? Are you seeing only one image across all exercises?

Yes, only one image. Unfortunately, my Glide data will not load properly and I am unable to access it, change it, or create new. I have emailed them several times about this and NO ONE has emailed me with an offer to fix the issue.

So, I am in limbo until GLIDE starts to work properly or until someone on the back end can fix the issues.

Can you provide us with some screenshots of how you’re setting the flow?

Yes, I am sure I am doing something wrong :wink:

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