Image скольжение

multiple images are not combined into one cell
I need help.

As far as I know image carousel is not available in Pages yet(

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В обучающем видео происходит так
2022-06-27_09-53-12.png — Яндекс.Диск в glide видно 2022-06-27_09-58-49.png — Яндекс.Диск
а у меня 2022-06-27_10-01-59.png — Яндекс.Диск Как решить эту проблему.

Follow this post for a workaround:

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Are all of the columns next to each other in your google sheet? They cannot be split up with other columns in between.

В таблице Excel все столбцы стоят рядом а в Glide они разделены другой колонкой.

У меня мобильное приложение. Я пробовал данный вариант. В Glide данные кнопки работают,
а в мольном приложении нет.

May be it’s all about Excel? I don’t know if that feature works with Excel.

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That’s a good point. Google sheets has some special functionality because it’s the original database, and before there was a glide data editor, the only way to make things like this work was to structure the headings a certain way. I remember the days of having to build relations in glide using a special column heading naming scheme.

Maybe you are correct and excel works differently, or maybe the columns are sent in the wrong order to glide.

@matyushenko.andr I think in this case, @Roldy’s option of using the make array column may be the best option.