Image Video and Exercise

Can someone point me on what to do next? I am trying to also show an image and a video for:

  1. Each exercise have a set rep and/or time scheme
    2.Each exercise is part of a series
  2. Each series makes up a workout
  3. Each workout is on a specific day.
  4. Multiple days make up a workout plan.

Is there an easier way to do this? Am I on the right track? I have tried a couple of ways and my brain is fried at this point.

Do you have theme images or videos uploaded to glide?

Not sure which instances you are trying to show a video or image.

I would like to display an image and a video unique to each exercise (name). I am not sure how to do this other than creating a column and having to type it over and over for each plan.


What Sheets do you have in Google Sheets? I start (and refine) all my apps from the sheets… and often keep realizing I need additional sheets for different types of data (that relate together).

As a beginner I tried to put everything into one sheet. This makes sense in the old world… but Glide has this lovely thing called ‘relationships’ which join things together and allow you later to make nice lists and more.

So you have your table (sheet) for Exercise - which could include videos
Your sheet for Plans (maybe more than 1… and Users can sign up to them)
User sheet (of course)

That might be enough.

Then the way you build is:

  • a Plan - contains exercises
    so now you need your sheet - lots of Exercises

And your Exercises can be part of a Plan (or more), and Plans have lots exercises. And you make a rel- column from one to the other, and vica versa.

Now you can have an inline list from Plans… that includes all the Exercises that are related to that plan.
And you set up your inline list to view details… and that opens up Exercises and you include a component for the video, etc.

There is a breakthrough moment in making these apps - and it is definitely worth putting in the minutes or hours and hours needed to get there :wink: :slight_smile: Good Luck!


I tried that, but was having difficulty with the relation columns. But, it makes sense to have smaller chunks of material and relate to one another.

It was extremely important for me early on to do a ‘walk-through’ of the apps I was working on with experts from here. A quick 30 or 60 min chat opened my eyes to things. Some things I thought were impossible took 5 minutes. Others… well, it was better to know not to waste my time on some things :slight_smile:

Rel columns can be a bit counter intuitive (even though they ‘work’ sensibly). And there is often more than one way of doing things. I learned the tp_link relationship trick, for instance, from @Darren_Murphy. Make a template column (his always start tp…) which only contains the word ‘link’. Put this in sheets you would like to connect, even if it makes no sense to logically connect them. For instance I have a sheet for Images that is connected to Users. Why? Ah, I want to pull in the right images via the User sheet at different points in the app. But what columns to link them to? No common data! Have no fear, create a column ‘link’ purely to link the two together.

This is the path to building super functionality that appears like magic to everyone else :slight_smile:

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How are you displaying in on the front end? A standard image component? title component?

I think I figured out a solution close to what I have in my app with a title compoenent.

I wasn’t sure how to approach it so I haven’t really done much. Could you possibly share your app? Or a sheet so I could visualize how to do this? @Jen_NYCP

If a title component works for your case. First, create an entirely new sheet that has all the exercises in one column and all the corresponding images in the next.

Then in the sheet you published above, create a relation from the name of the exercise in both sheets, then a lookup of the image on top of that.

Then on the front end, create a title component, put the name of the exercise for the title, and the lookup of the image for the image.


I will try this! Thanks! Can the images be URLs?

Yes, make sure the column is an image column, then you can paste it in.

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Actually, the title component only pulls from the first row, If this is supposed to be a directory, then an inline list can work. Not sure how you are trying to display the exercises and their images.

I would like the “workout” on one screen and then if they need to see the video, I can use a link or something. I wonder if I could do a link to a row in a sheet for the specific video?

Is this video hosted somewhere external to the app? If it is, I think you can add an additional link column to the sheet with the exercises and images, then a lookup for the link column. Place an action on the inline list to open the link.

Thank you! I will try that today!