Image Carousel not working

My app’s URL:

Followed the instruction for having Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 columns.
It automatically showed me an Image Relations column with all the three images.
However when I click the images or swipe right or left, nothing happens.

Not sure what am I doing wrong.

Can someone help?


PS: This is a test app to play with all the features of glideapps.

The image carousel will work if you set the image relations column to the Image component. Is it what you did? I am not sure.

I guess, I selected it to the image relations column itself? See the image below…

The data sheet looks like below.

you reckon, something wrong?

That doesn’t work with tiles. It only works with an image component in the details style layout.

It’s also not a relation. It’s an array, even though the icon is the same in the data editor.

Thanks a bunch! It worked. Wonder why this isnt made explicit in the documentation. Perhaps can be updated.

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Well, it does say “image component” in the documentation and the gifs do demonstrate with the image component and it’s settings. :wink:


My bad! Thanks for the pointer. Need to read the documentation a little more carefully. :slight_smile:

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