Image Carousel bug

I added new picture columns in my google sheet (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 etc.) and can see the new single Picture column (containing the correct series of pictures) in the data editor - however the carousel is not triggered in the app.

Any idea?!

The ‘carousel’ from the array column does not trigger or swipe automatically. You need to manually swipe.

CSS for automatic slider.

@import '//'
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sorry for the confusion, I meant the carousel does not appear - ie. it’s not working.

Do you store the image with Glide storage or Google Drive?

Google Drive

Hey ! Thanks for sharing your issue with us.

Would you mind changing your topic to the #bugs category in order to keep the community well organised and to get the most appropriate information from the most appropriate users :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help !

Can you check if you have shared the links publicly, and is there a reason you don’t want to use Glide storage?

Yes, links are public. I gave Glide storage a try a few months back but could not get the drag and drop to work - I could give it another try though if necessary.

Could you share some screenshots of what’s not working along with any settings you have for the image component and any visibility settings on that component? Also, do you have a drive link that you can share so we can verify it others can see the image?

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