Image Carousel issues

Hi Group
I am looking for a bit of guidance. I am a secondary teacher and trying to use Glide to teach my students app design. We have come up with a problem with trying to make an image carousel. We are using Google Sheets and we have column headings Image 1 to Image 10. The array shows up in Glide but when we select it students cannot ‘swipe’ their images? I am not sure what other settings they may need to select? I have used the City Guide template but my students cannot find it when they search the template store? Any advice welcomed. TIA

Classic Glide Apps have been removed from the Template Store and the Image Carousel features has not yet made its way to Glide Apps. @tristan … is this on the road map?

We did not transition the image swipe to the new Apps yet, but it is on our list for later this spring.

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Hi Robert
Thank you for the update. It’s nice to know I’m not going crazy.
I really like using Glide with my students as its easy for them to grasp and powerful enough for my advanced students to excel.