Are Glide tables accessible by API?

I would like to be able to access data stored in glide tables. Does glide have an API developers can use?

Hola @Cathleen_Turner

Not at the moment.

Is there another data source I can user where glide will actively pull data from, and I can use that products API to update/modify data

I thought I saw somewhere where graphql was a data source but I can’t find it anywhere. I presume glide can show data from a graphql api you tell it?


As I mentioned on your other post. You can use Google Sheets.

You can read this post if you are interested in another database at the moment.


Hello. I see that there is now an API available called The Glide Tables API. How to get access to it.


The API is only available for enterprise customer at the moment.

I’m hoping we are successful enough to require this! I’ve been talking with Jesus Vargas about exactly when we should transition to all glide tables.


You’d still likely need the API to push data faster, depending on your use case, of course!

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It would be great to have api access without being an enterprise customer.

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Give it some time…Glide will probably release this feature to any one who wants it in the near future. It will probably be an add-on of sorts where you’d pay for the API usage.