Extract/Export Glide Table Data to External DB

Is there a way to extract or load the Glide Data Tables to an external database?,
we’re looking at solutions to extract the data for Data visualization using Tableau or PowerBI. Please help.

You can export the data. Look for the option under Settings->Data->Data Export.

Thanks, but thats a manual download which we have a trigger, What we wanted is more of API, Is there an API that we can use so as to create an ETL job to use with our data visualisation tools? or a way to directly connect our BI tools with Glide Tables

Please let me know

There is a Glide API, but at the moment it’s only available to Enterprise customers.

Has there been any changes to this since the post in 2020? we also want to make available the data for visualisation in a Pages app via powerbi

If you’re asking about the Glide API, that’s now available to Pro Team Plans and above.

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Not sure if there’s a change coming soon, but if you want to mirror the Glide Table in another data source, there’s a “query” function in Glide Tables API for business plans.

You can run that like once, or several times a day, to get all rows in the table and push them to the data source you use for PowerBI.


thanks, this answers my question perfectly.

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