Fetch data from Glide Tables into other apps?

I am building an App in a different platform and wanted to use the table values that I have created in Glide Spreadsheet.

  1. What is the best way to get these table data into other application
  2. Is there Get API that Glide provides which can be consumed ?


Use the get all rows Glide API. I believe it’s only available for business and enterprise. If you’re simply looking to extract the data “one and done” you could export the data from your app… settings → data → export app data

If you right click on your glide table in the data editor you will see an option that reveals all the API calls available. (Add row, set column, delete row and get all rows) API usage, other than get all rows, is available for PRO plans and higher.

From the legend himself…


Thank you for the quick response, but here is the screenshot,
It says, Get rows requires business plan. I have Pro, is there an alternative?

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You can export the contents of any table as CSV. You’ll find the option in the same place, eg. right-click on the table name.