Upcoming: MySQL Support

Later this year, we plan to add support for additional data sources beyond Google Sheets. We’re starting with a MySQL connector that will allow you to build a Glide app on top of any SQL-compatible data source, specifically starting with MySQL hosted in Google Cloud SQL.

We’re looking for customers who would like to be the first to try MySQL with Glide. Initially, this will require a Glide Enterprise plan, starting at $999/mo.

If you’re interested, please send @Ian a private message.

By the way, I would like to introduce @Ian to the community. Ian is our VP of Sales & Customer Success, who leads our Support team and focuses on the needs of our larger customers.


Fantastic! …now to learn SQL :flushed:


SQL and Databases - Full Course
Learn SQL with the PostgreSQL database


See – I told you guys I worked here :grin:.


Exciting news! I look forward to this rolling out in due time :slightly_smiling_face:

WOW :star_struck:! Glide is definitely entering into an exciting new era :tada:


SQL is pretty easy to learn. Probably one of my favorite things to work with. The way you can work with and manipulate data is really powerful with just a few lines of syntax.


Next step will be to integrate with rich text editor, and we will have to learn Html, Php etc :slight_smile:

I love no-code!


Damn excited to see this, albeit very sad to see that it’ll be available for only enterprise plans. As a pro app user I would have loved to have this feature. Considering the plethora of options being given by other competing low code platforms like Adalo, Kodular etc, this feature in a pro app user should be a must.

Very happy to see such cool updates from Glide though! We recently made our app live on our custom domain. Really happy with the performance so far. We were able to incorporate automatic weekly session bookings, one on one file sharing, personal chats & so many more features in our app.


If anyone is interested in having an excuse to learn the Glide and MySQL integration, I would be interested in ‘sponsoring’ them using my Corona Test app as the project. I am a bit concerned that I might have 100Ks of Germans want to use the app I have now for their Corona tests! And so let me know - and I can speak to @Ian too :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ((I cannot learn the way you folk learn, I will keep my magic aside for other purposes :wink: ))


I wonder how Row Owners would work… or how data in general would work with a MySQL VS lens, given Glide currently loads in all the data that is in the referenced sheets onto a device.

Sounds Awesome!

What are the limits in terms of rows count that we are talking about here ?

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Same question. Integrating SQL is very interesting for me but would love to know the limits we can go so we can talk about it with clients.

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This is awesome! Thank you Glide team.

Please make it possible to run from Glide stored procedures! :pray:

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I’ve been working with MySQL (and other relational databases) for more than 20 years - as both a DB Admin and programmer. Other than supporting relational DB’s as a data source, I’d love to see some SQL type functionality in the GDE. Relations and Lookups are the obvious example - these are so incredibly cumbersome and restrictive when you’re used to working with SQL.

I guess the next step will be NoSQL data sources - Hadoop, CouchDB, MongoDB, etc. That’s when the true scale comes in :slightly_smiling_face:


All I read was “Goobeldy, shmopop, flimwanger, brobleshnap.”


:rofl: :rofl:

Here you go: NoSQL - Wikipedia

Whew…thanks. I need a new lexicon with this upcoming rollout.