Help to MySQL and performance

Guys, help me! I developed an app to help poor people. The point is that the biggest tv show of Brazil will show the project. Anyone suggest to take to MySQL? Any tip about performance? Any advice in order to be prepared. I pay $12plan.
Tkx in advanced

I think @Manan_Mehta posted that he’s used MySQL connected to a Gsheets via Gsheets add-on. He might be able to give you some insight.

Oh, wow! Really? Which one?

You can also use integromat if you want to create/update/delete (CRUD) your MySQL databases :slight_smile:

Thx AmenM! Integromat is like Zappier right? u mean that I could u Integromat to take a row of GSheet and write to MySQL?

Thx Santiago. My concern is about simultaneous accesses and how much the platform supports. If I have to do sth…

They gonna start with Enterprise plan :frowning:

Anyway if anyone could share any experience with huge access or the record of rows of your application I´d like to know.

Thx again.

100% :+1:

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Hola Alexandre,

We have talked about this topic before and we all know the Google Sheet problems working with a huge data. Although we use a GS as a database handling each sheet as a table, there are many differences and pros/cons to use a GS, a Glide Table or a real database like MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL Server.

Any APP with a data higher than 60-80k rows should be migrated and use another data storage (I don’t know how much data a Glide Table can handle yet but surely, it can be 3-4x than GS) and the next smart and honest option is a RDBMS.

Use Integromat or Zapier isn’t still a good choice a long term. If you’ve ever tested Integromat with MySQL or SQL Server module you will see that each register (row) read/written/handled by Integromat is counted as an action and if your DB (let’s assume with 20k registers) replies a Query with 1500-2000 rows regularly, you will consume your quota very fast (1 action = 1 operation) and I think, there is no Integromat plan able to support that amount of actions when your APP will have many connected users at some period of time.

You can start your APP using a GS without problems and be useful to many people surely but you have to be aware and think about having a better choice in future if your data is being increased very fast in few weeks/months (your plan B).

I hope it helps you.

Feliz día!


Awesome Gvalero Muchas Gracias!
Well I started this personal project to help some poor people.The biggest TV show talked to me and said that they loved the initiative. I totally agree with u. but at the same time I have to wait if people will REALLY help, I mean one thing is like the project and the other thing is really help.

So, as soon as TV shows the news, I ll monitor the access. It´s a good issue!
I already evaluate RDBMS.

I was looking for someone here that tested the performance of Glide with thousands rows.
Tks a lot.

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Buena suerte @Alexandre_Caruso and thanks for helping your people.

If we can … the best is to help!

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Hello. My Little Contribution
I have an app where I work with mysql, I found a Add-on for Google sheet that doesn’t charge for the number of lines but for the number of times you use it in the day.
For my use case it was good for me to update the info. Action from time to time. It’s called seekwell. I hope it can do you good. Best regards



You can use tools like @Tuttografica uses or work with a script to handle data. Indeed, it’s what I use in one of my APPs working with SQL Server but you don’t hope to have fast updates on your APP.


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We need to talk! thx for your help!

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