App testing as different users

So I have been testing for months using ‘test data’ and using ‘View As’ on the desktop and the app downloaded to my iPhone.

Now I want to download multiple versions to various IOS devices and ‘login’ as different users to see if the emulation mode works correctly in real-life. I am logged in with my own account but need to test it for different users with different viewing privileges (I have hierarchical viewing working but my account is currently a leaf so I can’t test it)

Sooo…is this possible? Is their a way to set it up to test without an email PIN going to a fake email account? I can set the privacy anyway - visitors still prompted for an email and, well, they are fake accounts.


I use to test other people’s apps so I don’t have to share my real email address. You can basically use (anythingyouwant) and receive a pin in a publicly viewable inbox. I would go that route if you wanted to test with a few fake accounts.

When the mailinator page opens, you can type in anything you want at the top of the page to enter the related inbox.

Also, if you use Gmail, you can use aliases and the pins will still go to your regular Gmail inbox.


You can use a gmail trick to create variants of your email, but the PIN code is still going to your original one.

And PINs will all be sent to but those are read as 3 different accounts in Glide.

Also, I rename your topic so people can easily search for it.


Great trick for newsletters and random signups as well!

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These should work as well (with the different dot locations)