How to prepare an app for others to test?

Seems like a silly question but what steps do I need to take to prepare my app for others to test?

The app is a simple CRM that requires sign in. Obviously, I don’t want others to use my sign in and the new confirmation code thingy means I can’t just give people a dummy email and password to use since a confirmation email has to go out.

I already have dummy data in the app for others to play with but it is connected to an admin profile that would have to be set up.

Anyone have a workaround?

Since it is a dummy data, duplicate your app, and give admin role to all users. Or make admin email blank, this way anybody can use your app without signing up, and having admin power

I can’t leave the email blank as that’s what I am using as ownership for the various records. I think admin power for all users is fine but if won’t they still need to log in with that email and get the verification code from that non-existent dummy email?

“the new confirmation code thingy”: what did I miss?

If your app is Pro

If your app is Personal (free plan)

When you share the URL of the app, the new user is asked to submit the password (which you will have shared with them). Isn’t that what you want?

If I recall correctly, the only drawback is that on the Personal Plan and access limited by password, only one user at a time will be able to access your app.

It is on the free personal plan. Maybe I’m mixing this up with another nocode tool but it though it was sending out codes. (don’t tell Glide I’m two-timing!)

Just tried logging out and back in and it works fine. I blame my age. :slight_smile:

So, let me try making a new log in using a dummy email and see how I can create the password.

Oh, I see what you mean, I would have to upgrade the plan for additional users (to allow passwords). Not sure I want to pay yet for this, so let me see what I can figure out.

Even the best tools can’t do it all! :slight_smile:

See my 2nd screenshot above:
settings → privacy → limit access by password → set your password → you share this password and the app URL (once you click on publish) with your colleagues via your own means (orally, email, chat/Teams/Slack, Zoom/Skype, Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram, etc.).

When your colleagues visit the URL, they will be prompted to submit the password.

Only drawback as already mentioned in the free Personal Plan: one user at a time.

For additional concurrent users, yes.

Ya, Nathan, that is a bit of a problem. Not to boo hoo but I’ve been out of work because of the pandemic for 10 months now, so I hesitate to spend ANY amount of money these days. Glideapp pricing is not expensive…but ya, got to watch each penny right now. I need to get some affiliate credits to pay for this habit. :wink:

I did see your screenshot and that’s what I went to check and got the notification about the number of users. Thanks for giving me the heads up; at least I know for down the road. Appreciate the help, both Nathan and Uzo!

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Since I can’t share it at this point I’ll just post a screenshot. Nothing fancy, but I like the end result. Tabs for company, contacts, opportunities and activities. Admin can add users and assign roles. I’m working on charts next.

Your CRM looks great!

If you app does something that other available Glide CRM apps do not, you could submit your app to the template store.

Thanks, Nathan. I’ll take a look at those to compare.

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