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So we had a new Glider hop on here and ask for help. I ended up building the app as he requested and asked him if he minded if I redistribute the app to our fellow Gliders, as usual he happily agreed and I am posting it here for you. The app is written mostly in French since he didn’t speak any English but I think its pretty straighforward for most. If it isn’t let me know and I will duplicate it into English or whatever language needed (I only speak English, bad French, and Spanglish so other languages might be sloppy). But here is the app, it was all his idea I just built what he asked, his username is @Vincent_Nardi.

Nous avons donc fait monter un nouveau planeur ici et demander de l’aide. J’ai fini par créer l’application comme il l’avait demandé et je lui ai demandé s’il le voulait si je redistribue l’application à nos camarades Gliders, comme d’habitude, il a accepté avec joie et je la poste ici pour vous. L’application est écrite principalement en français car il ne parlait pas anglais, mais je pense que c’est assez simple pour la plupart. Si ce n’est pas le cas, faites-le moi savoir et je le dupliquerai en anglais ou dans la langue souhaitée (je ne parle que l’anglais, le mauvais français et le spanglish, donc les autres langues peuvent être bâclées). Mais voici l’application, c’était toute son idée je viens de construire ce qu’il a demandé, son nom d’utilisateur est @Vincent_Nardi.


Looks good! And no criticism to you but a wish in the direction of Glide: It would be so helpful if there would be a way for Glide to have a preview version without login. Everytime I have to login with mail to just look what an app does is a hurdle.


The only problem with that is some apps wont function otherwise.

I’d really like to know if emails are being made anonymous before logging in, especially when testing apps from the community. I’d be more inclined to view and test people’s apps if I know my email isn’t being given out to anyone and everyone.


They are set by default to do so unless someone intentionally turns that off. Besides its just an email, it does nothing for someone to know your email address. It’s funny, this wasn’t even an option just a couple of months ago in Glide and now that it is people are acting like it’s crazy to think we would do something otherwise.

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That’s your opinion. My opinion is that I’d like to help others while ensuring my information is protected and private. Yes, it’s a new option, but it’s a great option that now exists. All I’m saying is that I’d like to know for sure if my information is made anonymous before signing in (I believe this should be done by Glide on the sign-in page so that someone can’t “fake” it and still collect real email addresses for the wrong reasons).

This post is completely appropriate and contains no flaggable material. @Drearystate believes I am implying he is using emails inappropriately, but I am not. I am speaking more generally when I am making the request to make anonymous email use more obvious.


When games are played :slight_smile:

As many of you probably know, I use mailinator to test apps. In that way, I’m not sharing my personal email with anybody. Just the anonymous email from mailinator.


Its also very easy to setup a phoney gmail or outlook account to do the same :slight_smile:

Then maybe something with ‘log in as …’ to make it more friendly.
In general I find it a problem that people have to give something before they get something.

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I think a more user friendly way is better :wink:

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The nice thing about mailinator is that you don’t have to register for anything. Just use whatever you want in front of and you can view the inbox for whatever you choose on the mailinator website.

I just tend to use ‘glideapptest’ so it’s at least recognized as a test user to the builder of the app as opposed to a regular user.


That’s a sweet work-around. Never heard of it before!


I agree too!

Another advantage is the amount of rows you save avoiding a login at the beginning.

Glide counts your registered users with profile and this is (my opinion) a kind of dead weight that impacts any APP long-term.

E.g., If you receive 100 new users everyday on your APP and only 4-5% of them buy something… why to save and load 95% of rows not useful?

In 90 days, your APP might be loading almost 9000 rows in every instance when your most important users are almost 450 (450 rows). Your APP needs to be efficient and light a long-term.

I understand and don’t critic landing pages and UX to make a new user feel better but I prefer to set up an APP as public in order to everyone sees or knows what it does but when a purchase or action is required, at that moment, my APP requires a login to continue.


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How many people don’t have Pro apps with Glide. Maybe I’m wrong but I assumed everyone went Pro with their apps as soon as it was what they wanted and they decided to distribute it.

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Use Temp-Mail and be chill :yum:


Salut, je rentre du boulot je reprends le travail sur l’application

Bon j’essaie de comprendre Glide plusieurs heures par jour mais c’est très difficile pour moi.

I really appreciate a skip option and see it frequently. Would be nice to see that offered in app settings like user agreements in Pro Apps.

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