How to share a demo app without needing to send back OTP?

Hi - I have created an app which has user dependent data. So, I have set its privacy settings to “Public with email” along with “allow sign in with google”

However, at the moment, I am also giving demo to a lot of users. I usually send them a link and ask them to login. I want them all to login to one account that has some demo data - but the challenge is they wait for me to send them back an OTP that comes into my email ID.

Is there a way around this - one hack is to create a demo copy of the app that doesnot have any user-specific data (so I can retain the sharing settings to public). But is there a cleaner way around this by using a different sharing settings?

Many thanks in advance!

Just a may be and a work around.

If it is a demo app, and you know the emails in advance of the client to whom you are sending the app for demo, may be you can add their emails to your user list and add some test data for each user. This way they will be signing in from their own emails and still see some test data…

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Can try, thanks!

Did it work?

I’m trying to do the same.

So you are following this method?

I ended up using 2 methods to give demos: an app with dummy data and no password protection or email login was built purely for demo purposes.

Also, for one user I did add dummy data in her account to act as a demo.

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For me, I have always used an app with dummy data for demo purposes, then transfer that to the client.