Use 'view as' on the device to see what my user see

Some way to indicate a developer to use ‘view as’ on the device.

There is a trick you can use here.
Create a user that has the email address, where is your own email address.
You can then login using that email address and be recognised by the app as a different user.
ie. when you enter at the sign in screen, the PIN will be sent to

You can do this for as many different users as you want; user+1@, user+2@, etc…


Thanks. Will give that a try.

Update, it wants to install another copy of the and didn’t point to any other user.

Do you think it is because the installed app was signed in for the first the with google?

It should work (I actually tested it to make doubly sure before I replied to your post).

If you’ve signed in previously with Google, try this:

  • Make sure user+1 has been added to your User Profiles table
  • Open the App and sign out
  • Sign in again using the user+1 email address. You need to use the PIN method, because if you use Google Authentication you’ll just be signed in as yourself again

The above is essentially how I tested it, and it worked perfectly.

I’ll have to try later. I appreciate your help.

It has to be a Gmail I think or is it to NY provider ?

I’m not sure about that. I only use GMail, so that’s all I’ve tested it with.

I believe that’s a feature unique to Gmail.

Personally I use mailinator. Just use ‘anythingyouwant’ for an email and then go to that website and you can view the inbox for whatever you used before the @ symbol.

I think the confusion here is that I want to view as another actual user that is active on the system…

At 1st I thought what Darren had suggested was I could use could use And that when Glide processed it it would add 1 to the index and log me in as the user plus whatever index. Something like that would be an acceptable compromise, Except you’d need still some kind of developer flag On the user account or any other user could do the same thing.

What we were suggesting is that you can create several different test users, using either your same Gmail with the ‘+whatever’ addon or a public email service. That way you can test different authorities or views for your different test users, without having to actually create a bunch of email accounts. You would just be using your same Gmail account or the public emails to receive a pin to sign in.

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Thanks for your reply. What I really need to do is see an actual existing user as a developer. I have enough test users already. This is a live app.

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