Can't Sign In As Other Users


I was trying the apps section or the first time but it’s not allowing me to sign in/view the app as a user. It wont let me use my dummies. I’m only allowed to use View As Everyone.

I had even did everything under the security settings.

Are you trying to sign in to your app via the builder?
You can’t do that. You can view the app as any user, but you can’t actually sign in.

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 12.12.03 PM

If you attempt to sign out and sign in again, you’ll just default to “viewing as” the first user in your user profiles table.

That’s what I meant. I can’t view the app as other users. I exited the app then went back in. Now it only shows “View App As Anyone” option.

Do you have any rows in your User Profiles table? (can you show a screen shot of that table please?)

Are your User Profiles correctly configured? (can you show a screen shot of the settings please?)

No Users 2

The screen shots you gave are of your security settings. What I was asking for was your User Profiles configuration settings. It should look something like this:

My guess is that your User Profiles are not correctly set up.


Thanks. I had it set to username instead of email. For some reason the username didn’t pass through .

It’s likely that your “username” was not a valid input for the “email” configuration, hence the problem.

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