App Removal

If a customer uses my app and did not move it to their home screen, how do they delete the app? The app is still on their cell as when I send them a link to reinstall it goes directly to the “hidden” app. This has occured on Android and iPhone and my app is not listed as an app.

Why doesn’t the app show up as an app? (I know… I’m repeating myself @david :wink:

They most likely dismissed the popup to install to homescreen. The phone remembers this so it doesn’t keep popping up. There are instructions on how to install the app to the homescreen if the popup doesn’t show:

I don’t understand the question.

If the app was never added to their home screen, there is nothing to remove/uninstall.

What is a “hidden” app? What does it mean for your app to “not be listed” as an app?

If they are on Android and have dismissed the original prompt to Add to Home Screen, they will not be promoted again. We don’t control this. They can add it anyway via the menu in Chrome.

On iOS, we show the prompt to Add to Home Screen every time the app is opened when not on the home screen I believe. In any case, they can still Add to Home Screen vía the same method, by tapping the Share icon and choosing Add to Home Screen.