App Not calculating numbers or updating sheet

I created an app last summer. I have not been on it in about 10 months. Now it will not update any numbers or data on the sheet or app. I have a category for length of time for an activity and a rest time. I enter data from both and my total work time will not update on app or sheets. Am I missing any updates?it used to make calculations immediately.

Does it work if you make a duplicate of that app?

No. I got a new phone a couple weeks ago and the app loaded on the new phone. It didn’t work. I deleted it and redownloaded it and still getting the same. These are simple addition, subtraction and multiplication formulas loaded in the sheets

It sounds like you haven’t tried with a duplicate of that old app. Can you confirm? I mean a duplicate of the app in the dashboard, then you try with that new copy.

There’s a recent bug with old apps, your case might be the same.

I have not tried to duplicate it. I will see if I can figure that out.

You can see on there I have 8 minutes for length of period and 3 minutes of rest. Time working should be 5 minutes. But not updating

How can I duplicate the app?

Are you doing that calculation through Glide Tables or Sheets?

I am doing it through sheets. When I originally made it sheets was the only option. I was able to duplicate it and am still not getting any calculations

Did you try to refresh the sheet? Did it calculate correctly in the Sheet or not?

It seems like you’re having simple calculations so I would advise using Math columns instead.

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You may to believe this… my google drive storage was full, so it wouldn’t let me make edits to the sheets which was causing the app to not be able to make any adjustments.


So has it been solved?