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I am quite OK now with the having the email addresses going from App logins automaticaly (no idea how this works!) to sheet one and creating a new line for each new subscriber. I have an app that now has abour 35 columns and is getting a bit difficult to work with.
Is it possible to have the email address from the App logins go to sheet two as well ?


Of course, it is possible with this formula:

= ARRAYFORMULA (‘App: Logins’! B: B)

App: Logins is the sheet where your session login is, select the column where the email addresses are located.

You can also use it with more than two columns to a different spreadsheet, just select the range of columns, for example:

= ARRAYFORMULA (‘App: Logins’! B: Z)

To add to what Mauricio has said, it’s possible to create an array of only columns you want to. It would look like.

=ARRAYFORMULA({'App: Logins'!A:A,'App: Logins'!C:C,'App: Logins'!Z:Z})

You can throw an IF into that formula as well to check if the row is filled with the data.

Hi Mike! The user profiles feature takes care of this for you without array formulas

User Specific Columns + User Profiles Demo


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