Login Tab: Doubt and Issues


When we have a public with email or white list app, automatically create the ‘App:Logins’ tab in our sheets. Speaking of which, I have a doubt and an issue.


In this tab, are the logins unlimited?


Why can’t we access this tab to do a relation or anything we want inside glide?? I have always to “copy” the logins informations to another tab with a formula.

I don’t know if that’s possible, but it would help all of us with many things if we could find this tab to use its info.

You could create another sheet, call it Comments Copy, and do an ArrayFormula that imports/copies the data over…just be aware that it will count against your row quota.

That’s exactly what I don’t wanna do
I’d like to use the same tab not to use more lines

I hear you…no other way to do it though.