App data not reflecting Sheet correctly. Caching issue?

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I seem to have an issue with my app. In my spreadsheet, I have a “next birthday” column, which uses formulas to determine which of the 46 squad members will next enjoy a birthday.

Naturally, this column is only likely to have one cell occupied - the person whose birthday is upcoming. Indeed, this is the case with my Sheet and I’ve also filtered the field in Glide to be not empty.

This functionality has worked as expected for all of this year. However, in the last few days or so, the app has been showing 3 players in total for next birthday: the one that is indeed the next to have a birthday, but then also the players with the 2 most recent birthdays as per screen grab.

If I edit the app in Glide and refresh the Sheet it is referencing, it then shows the single and correct next player to have a birthday. However, after a while, it reverts to the 3 shown once again.

So is there some kind of caching issue going on here with Glide? There’s nothing amiss with my Sheet so I’m at a loss as to what is going on. If anyone could take a look to see if something has gone wonky on the back end I’d be most grateful.

Screenshot of Firefox (19-10-2020, 5-07-23 pm)

This issue still persists. Is there another channel I need to go down to get this investigated?