🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st

Happy Uzo, Glide must be happy :slight_smile:


I transfer the wrong app to my starter, and now it won’t let me transfer back to the free plan… I can only delete it… ??? i can not do that

Here’s a question for the Glide Team.

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Same Question regarding Map Pins.

Please explain all these small things in detail. It was very easy to see the limit inside the app for all the things.

@Roberto Not sure if you got the answer but if you go into your app and then click on the Pro/Private APP top right

You should see the sheet edits. It doesn’t show the ADD, DELETES or SYNCS so not sure if that is jsut edits as per usage from the main sheet.

This would be great and appreciated…

Not at the moment as the App is not yet launched but to answer your question, the business owners would be the public users of the App.

I can’t be sure about this one and this is what drives me crazy as I have no control over it. At the moment as things stand the updates would be affected by both visitors and public users and there is not much I can do until a decision is made on the use of USC by visitors.

Before I respond to this question, I will reiterate what I have said all along, I have absolutely no problem with the Pricing of the plans per se. on a stand alone basis.
It starts being an issue in terms of value you are getting as a customer relative to the value a customer on free plan gets.

As you know, value and pricing is a relative and a subjective term. In this case I was challenging the value a person on Starter gets in comparison to a person on Free plan. I was only flagging that imbalance

In any case, I won’t be on Starter plan for long , I will be quickly moving up the ranks and I am glad we can at least purchase quotas when they are depleted, especially updates and hopefully it will be on a better scale in terms of $:units(updates).

This seems really far off the mark. I would much rather things be done to make sense, rather than to be nice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely that you are nice! But it seems to be a fair point being made about what you are asking your users to pay for.

Also it would be nice if signatures were introduced in the lower tiers. Personally it doesn’t make sense to paywall the feature at $99. Going from $32 to $99 is terminal for our hopes to grow on Glide. The risk for my business is too great with this jump and will mean a halt to the projects if that new structure is imposed on us.

So if nothing else, it would be lovely to have it brought back on the merits of you being nice! :smiling_face:


Hi @david @DJP
I’m sorry if I missed this.
I have read all of the replies and I think I didn’t see this two:

  • How do rows count when you have a shared dataset between your projects? The shared rows count twice? I’m just asking, I don’t consider any answer to be wrong or right
  • Updates are sliced between all the rows of all our projects or are per-project basis?


No worries! Answering your questions below:

  1. Rows are counted per project. If the same data source is connected to two projects, you will see rows count for both projects

    Because rows are counted on a per-project basis, the total number of rows used by your team is not relevant. On the Pro team plan, you can have unlimited published projects with 25,000 rows each

  2. Every quota (excluding Rows per Project) is measured by how much your team uses. Whether it is Updates, Users, or File Storage, they are all counted based on the total amount used by a team’s projects


Not available but already covered here as a future improvement

So it’s safe to say that rows are per project and everything else is per team?

Hey, Valdir!

I believe I already answered your question in our DMs

Additional Rows per Project and Sheet Edits you received from referrals will remain intact for the Apps and Pages that already have them. New teams you create will not receive the additional Rows and Sheet Edits

This point was already answered here:

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@david explained to me that they are basing that 1 billion on the 1 billion spreadsheets in the “wild”. These spreadsheets exist inside corporations. So they are targeting the businesses and corporations.

That being said, it does seem incongruent to me how liberal they are being with the free plans (just make another team if you surpass 3 apps) vs the lowest paid plan, where everyone who has just 1 pro app resides.

But as they’ve pointed out, we don’t know their business model, and those users with just 1 pro app could be only 1% of their users. I’d be willing to bet, however, that the free users exceed the “1 pro app” people, and therefore cost Glide more than the “1 pro app” people overall.

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What changes to the Free plan would make the other plans make more sense to you?

Curious insight! Thanks. Though:

These spreadsheets exist inside corporations. So they are targeting the businesses and corporations

This seems like a non-sequitur. Especially in relation to my comment regarding a user who relies on a free/affordable Glide.

There certainly isn’t a billion corporations in the world, so at the very least i’m deducing that Glide is targeting every business in existence and they are hoping that each of them will have multiple apps from multiple spreadsheet sources. That’s fine and may well be true, so fair enough!

It’s also fair enough that we don’t know the model and user base (SO TRUE). However, doesn’t mean we can’t stipulate about what we think the user-base would need to be in the future for Glide to reach their goals - I would assume that the user base would need to change drastically to reach 1 billion users.

So hopefully bigger-picture kind of thinking is going on about how Glide can transform the use of the internet for everyone, and how users like Amanda can integrate the platform into totally organic elements of society - which in turn will evolve into commerce - in my opinion that type of scenario IS sequitur because it describes a mode of existence for humanity that’s been there since the dawn of civilisation! :raised_hands:

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For the Free plan, I would provide access to as many Glide features as possible with fair limitations (it really is in Glides interest to raise those limitations as high as affordably possible).

for example:

  • Signature quotas
  • Barcode quotas
  • API quotas

For the Starter plan, I would also look to fairly increase whatever initial limitations imposed on the free app (e.g. 10 signatures to 100 signatures), and at the very minimum ALL features should be available in some capacity.

I really like the Zapier and Make.com comparison. Make.com have a far superior pricing structure that affordably allows anyone to scale with very sensible tier-points, but also metered billing on certain quotas should the needs of a user fluctuate. (Just like you have done with updates). Only if Make.com can match Zapier’s impeccable marketing and business development, my bet will be Make.com 10 years from now.

It would be great to see a list of switches on the starter plans that allow us to choose top-up or metered billing on certain features that puts the user in control of additional spending on the features we can’t quite afford on the higher plans.

Generally speaking the approach shouldn’t be what should we take away from people not paying us (evident in the view that only businesses should be allowed to use the signature pad), rather, what is the most we can give to those not (yet) paying us to inspire them to create and and grow.

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A side note. One of the reasons I stumbled on Glide was because Adalo wanted ~$50 to be able to use integrations. At that point I had never sent a webhook in my life but I knew it was important to build something cool.

Glide was literally the platform I taught myself what a webhook was, and started exploring that whole world of creation - it lead to after 1 year of playing around a Pro app that I built for my recording studio, that syncs Google Calendar, Sendinblue transactional emails, and their Stripe subscriptions.

I was today-years-old when I learned that Glide has an API - it is mind boggling to me that to even try that out I gotta fork-out $99. It’s NEVER my opinion that Glide shouldn’t be paid for the awesome platform they have, but if Glide is looking to invest in their 1 billion goal, directing investment to make their platform actually accessible seems like a no-brainer.


This feels like a logic added later :slight_smile:

David explained to me that they are basing that 1 billion on the 1 billion spreadsheets in the “wild”. These spreadsheets exist inside corporations. So they are targeting the businesses and corporations.

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Merci @nathanaelb pour ton message plein d’optimisme!
Je comprends Glide, pas de soucis avec cela.
Mais ce soir là, la capacité d’adaptation que cela m’a demandé a dépassé mes ressources!

Mais j’en ai plein, des ressources, je n’en doute pas!
Je vais patienter en attendant la suite.

Merci encore pour ton message!