🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st

i cant find a downgrade… it is a old pro app

@Uzo please start a new topic. This is not a customer support thread.

it is related to new plans… I cant transfer my app to a new plan… now I’m stuck with two plans lol… and there is no option to cancel any of these plans!
no option to downgrade or upgrade… Glide… what is going on???

It’s in your app’s Billing settings.

no, my old pro app is not there

Please contact support.

i did… I guess i need to wait… or cancel new plan now?

Yes, you have to wait for support to reply to you—we don’t have no-wait support.

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ok… tnx… fix that bug please

In the meantime, duplicating the app should create a Free copy that you can transfer.

Noted and I appreciate the big picture and explanation you have just painted. In the main, I agree with you in terms of wanting Glide to be successful, I also wish for the same because it would defeat the purpose of having invested so much time learning the tool.

This is where I again find an imbalance in your rationale.

On the Free plan, I can create 100 teams (Unlimited) and have unlimited (un)published Apps within those teams with each project having 1000 updates to “play” with and that is okay for Glide to absorb but the generosity somehow is less restricted when it comes to paying customers?

I have ready stated that in the main, I don’t have an issue with the pricing, I believe it is fair on all the plans…It’s the Updates that need looking into and I am still convinced about that…

i cant duplicate this app… another bug I guess lol

This is the hard lesson we’ve learned about leaving the old pricing plans active! It becomes impossible to make them work with new plans (transferring, copying, etc.).

Can you talk about the example customer / use case where you think it doesn’t work?

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In my Starter plan, I have access to 5 Apps and 5 Pages and each project has 5000 rows. Before I have even had full access to the 1 projects Rows whether it is to edit or delete or Add, I would have finished or used more than the 2500 updates…

I have a business listing App that I am launching soon. In the App, I use an inline list to filter results to be displayed in terms of those business. The inline list is linked to the USC and the App is public. What I have noted is that even visitors making selection with the inline list to filter results has an effect on the updates.
Although the plan says unlimited visitors this means I would quickly finish those updates and this is not even information that is permanently saved on the table as it is stored on the users device.
This is just 1 example of the App I have on Starter.

Regarding editing user-specific columns, we are still determining if these will be counted as Edits in the future. This has been raised by Experts and in this thread, so we are well aware

It is possible that (a) we do not count edits to user-specific columns or (b) we introduce a new feature to allow users to make edits that remain local to their devices

Outside of users editing user-specific columns, what other use cases are increasing your Updates count?


Bonsoir Géraldine, l’horizon est rose je pense, tout ton travail n’est pas en vain, bien au contraire je pense :slight_smile:

Prenons du recul. Glide facturait à l’app. Ce serait comme facturer à l’image Canva que tu crées, ou à ta présentation Powerpoint, ou à ton document Word ou Excel. C’était bien évidemment, mais c’est encore mieux de pouvoir créer autant de Word, Excel et Powerpoint que tu veux. C’est l’objectif de ces solutions qui veulent atteindre beaucoup de personnes. Et c’est le cas de Glide : 1 milliard de nouveaux développeurs d’ici 2030.

A la limite, l’objectif de Glide ne t’intéresse pas, du moment que tu t’y retrouves, et cela se comprend. Je pense que tu vas t’y retrouver. Glide a été clair : les nouvelles limitations, en particulier pour les updates, ne vont pas pour le moment être rigoureusement appliquées. Je répète : ne vont pas. Comprends que Glide s’engage dans le bonne direction (nous permettre de développer davantage) et pour eux aussi il pourrait y avoir des surprises. Ils monitorent donc minutieusement les comptes de leurs utilsateurs (nos comptes !), ils vont voir là où il y aurait des problèmes, et ils ajusteront.

Il est probable que certains (mais peu) n’y trouveront pas leur compte. Et la plus grand partie d’entre nous bénéficieront du changement. Certains dans cette discussion se font du souci pour pas grand chose à mon avis :slight_smile:

Si tu as déjà des clients et tu développes des projets business internes (félicitations au passage), il y a de grandes chances que tu sois pile poil l’utilisateur.ice cible de Glide, donc les nouvelles offres sont et seront faites pour toi.

Reprends le sourire et bon développement ! :sun_with_face:

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So, your app does not have any users yet? How much do you value each public user? And how many times on average do you think they will edit this filter?

Ideally, we would provide better inline filter features that don’t require synced data edits.

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I just want to congratulate with Glide’s team about the new plans. I am CEO of a small company and I am very happy to pay 99$ per month and have unlimited apps to use internally with the various company teams, from the security department to the field service department. Thanks for existing Glide!

God Bless Glide


@david I wanna say that the Starter plan is exactly what I need as a developer… I’m playing with it now, and is perfect!!!
it has all the PRO functionality… I can have the main App, Owner app, and testing app at one low price of $25.
I will bring lots of my customers who have just websites to this plan.
please fix transferring old apps, so I can move my templates.
I’m very happy! :wink: