🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st

@Luther makes a good point here.

Current pricing is as follows:
Free plan = 10:1 ratio of updates per user
Starter = 5:1 ratio
Pro = 2:1 ratio
Business = 5:1 ratio

Looks like Pro plan (which will certainly be the most popular) has the worst ratio of updates/user.


Glide needs to hire a mathematician and business adviser lol.


Just a short message to show you that our usage dashboard was not reset for the beginning of the month.



“Resets in 29 days” implies that it is always on the 1st of each month. But maybe the reset is 30 days after you started the subscription.

Yeah, except a couple of days ago mine said “Resets in 1 day”


In the pro plan, will we get 1000 pins per month or 1000 fixed pins? @DJP

I think that’s 1000 pins on a map at any one time when viewing the app. It’s not 1000 times a pin can be placed on a map within a month. Regardless, a map displaying 1000 pins at once is going to have lag. That’s a lot of coordinates to render on a map at one time.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that limit also loosely applies to how many addresses can be geocoded at once??? Such as using geocoding to convert addresses to coordinates to calculate distance.

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A long time ago geocoded locations didn’t count against the quota. It’s been a hot minute since I worked with them so not sure if that is the case now (or even recently).

Either way, I would strongly encourage anyone with 1000 locations to filter them before displaying on a map. One-thousand locations on a map all at once doesn’t sound too usable to me.

Edit: Just realized that my answer was for a question nobody asked. :crazy_face:


Thanks for flagging! Looking into this with the team

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And remind me—there’s no way (currently) to track update usage per app, correct?

We’re aware that the Free plan has a more generous ratio of updates to other resources. We did this to be nice–we could offer less on free if that’s what you’re asking for @Luther :wink:

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If the generosity to the free Apps is at the expense of those who are paying then by all means be less generous to the free Apps or alternatively you could extend that generosity to other plans.
Where there seems to be some form of an imbalance is where a person on Starter has to pay $25 just to get an extra 1500 updates compared to someone who is on a free plan, i dont get that rationale.
I know you will point to other benefits (e.g. extra rows, etc) that come with the starter plan but access to all of those features is still limited by the updates because to access those extra rows, i still need to have updates available. All i ask is that you have a relook at how it is structured and think in terms of value the customer on Starter/Pro/Business is getting compared to Free plan users. @david


J’ai consciencieusement lu tous les postes de cette discussion, et je suis déprimée ce soir.
Le plan pro pourrait parfaitement convenir à la toute nouvelle entreprise que je suis en train de développer.
Depuis un peu plus d’1 an, je me forme, je m’informe, je teste, j’échoue, je recommence, je réussi (ho joie!)… et j’avance! j’ai deux clients qui sont ravis de mes applications. Ils projettent de m’en commander d’autres.
Mais ce soir, les 10 000 edits me démoralisent. C’est le frein qui va m’empêcher de réaliser mon rêve de quitter mon job actuel pour me lancer en freelance… je pense que les 10 000 Edits/mois seront utilisées pour une seule application.
Si je veux qu’elle fonctionne, il me faudra donc avoir une équipe pro par application, et je passe de 288$/an à 1200$/an… bon, soit, je pourrais peut être vendre plus cher… mais je ne suis même pas sure qu’il n’y ait pas de problèmes les mois où beaucoup de choses se passent et que les 10 000 Edits ne suffisent pas…
Voila un an de travail qui s’envole, et des clients qui vont être déçus… :confused:

Je suis dans l’impasse.
Si le nombre d’Edits n’augmente pas pour le plan pro, ce n’est même pas la peine de continuer.
Je ne pense pas me tromper en vous écrivant que surement beaucoup d’utilisateurs sont dans mon cas…

Voila, désolée pour mon post déprimant, mais il fallait que je vous le dise ^^

More than 2,500 updates on Starter are available, you just need to pay for them. This is by design. It is okay if your plan becomes more expensive, even to the point where you consider it too expensive for your use case–some apps just wont be worth building on Glide. For example, an app that automatically updates whenever someone mentions “NoCode” on Twitter could become expensive for you, if the app does not have a clear value or purpose. It is not a goal of our pricing to make every possible app affordable–it is to charge our main customers appropriately for the kind of apps they tend to build.

We have a customer with around 300k updates per month, paying us about $4k/mo for their team, and they consider this to be extremely cheap. If you build an app that does this number of updates, but it’s only worth, say, $50/mo to you, we cannot lower our pricing to $50/mo to please you, because it hurts our overall business too much–this would also be pricing below our costs, in this case–which in turn prevents us from improving Glide for you.

When an app becomes too expensive, please let us know and give us as much detail as possible about the use case, and what you perceive the value to be, so we can adjust the pricing if that is the kind of app we think more of our customers will build.

To summarize, we designed the pricing to be affordable to get started, and for you to exceed your included Update limits when your projects become successful enough. It is not an error when you need more Updates–we are trying to make Glide so powerful and useful to you, that you build more amazing projects and use up all of your included Updates! We consider that a victory for you, and for us.


@david can I get the answer… why there is no App usage and copy template in the free plan?

I don’t know–this sounds like a bug.

I’m talking about a new team, free app…
there is no checkmark for making the app copyable, and there is no usage on hover

in old free apps, there is no problem

i just paid for a starter and I cant transfer my app there??? @david
it says that my app is in another team… is not
how to cancel my new plan??? I can’t move my apps there! this is a mess… :roll_eyes:

You can transfer Free apps to new teams. Make sure you downgrade first.