Adding additional text and number formatting to Glide chart


I am new to using Glide and built an app to provide an easy UI to enter spending into my google sheet that I use to track my budget. I love the simplicity of adding charts, but I was hoping I could customize it a bit more.

  1. Is it possible for me to change the decimal numbers to a percentage (they represent % left of my budget per category).
  2. Is it possible to add text showing the $'s remaining? (this is saved in a column in the same table and is easily accessible from a data perspective)

You should be able to use a math column to format the numbers as percentages, and then use that in your chart.

Not directly to the chart, but you can use a text component to show that value above or below the chart.

The native Chart component that comes with Glide is great for quick and dirty charts, but for more advanced charting most of us usually turn to See the following thread for plenty of inspiration:

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This is great, I’ll check this out. Thank you so much!!