Glide isn't showing data as a percentage, when it is in google sheet


I’m running into a hopefully simple issue here. I have a google sheet that has percentages typed directly into cells, no formulas or anything to calculate said percentages. In glide, that sheet shows them as decimals, and not percentages. Any ideas on how to convert to percentage or why it might be forcing it into decimals and not percentages like it is in the source google sheet? Thanks in advance!

Glide syncs data from your Google Spreadsheet.
Glide does not sync formatting from your Google Sheet.
If you were to reformat the column in your Google Sheet as a number, you would see that the underlying values are actually decimal numbers. And this is what Glide sees.

To display them as percentages in Glide, what you can do is use a Math column to multiply the number by 100, and add the percent sign as a display unit.


Interesting…that makes sense. But I have done the same exact thing with two apps I previously made, and the percentages came through no problem without having to do a math column. I’ll do a little more digging. Thank you Darren!