Glide App does not take on the formatting in my attached sheet

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Hello Guys,

I’m new to Glide and just started out building an app today. Something I noticed and couldn’t get my head around was that numbers I am showcasing inside the app does not take on the same formatting as my Sheet. I have certain calculated number stats in my sheet set to 2 decimal places but in the interface it goes way beyond more than 8 decimal places.

How can I change that back to 2 and why doesn’t it take on the sheet formatting itself?


Set the formatting in the glide data editor.

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Thanks for the help @Jeff_Hager.

That worked but I am now caught in another issue. One of the columns were earlier formatted as percentage and had 2 decimal places. I changed that to 0 decimals but the percentage formatting is now gone from the cell. How do I change that back to percentage format?

Do you mean the percent symbol? You can add that under Units in the same column settings that let you adjust the number of decimals.

I have added the percent symbol and that’s fine. However, on a normal Google Sheet, when you change the number format to percentage, the sheet applies the calculation to the sheet itself.

e.g. 10/100 with % formatting will automatically become 10% in the cell.

But now in the Glide data sheet, it just adds the symbol at the end. So, I am seeing 0.10% in stead of the 10% normally.

Create a math column and multiply by 100.