Sheet Different than Glide Data

My google sheet has just basic numbers (sometimes ONE decimal) and a calculation column.

So the calculation column should never have more than one decimal

But the DATA sheet (and the app) take it out a BUNCH of decimal places.

I’ve noticed that too and seen a couple of comments regarding that. I’m hoping the math column will eventually be expanded to include rounding functionality to a specified number of decimals.


What I do not understand is that there is NO reason for the extra decimal points. We are only entering something like the beginning mileage is 811.8 and ending mileage is 818.1 and the difference is something like 6.3000000000018

Where is that coming from?

I could understand if there were decimals that long, and I was trying to round them, but these are just added for no reason - not even mathematically correct??

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Formatting floating point numbers is hard. Right now we’re just using the platforms default code for doing that, which apparently doesn’t always do a great job. Sorry. We’ll get around to fixing it.


@Mark when can we get this?



We can’t give you a timeline yet, sorry.

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