Decimal point problem

Hi everyone,
I got this problem in displaying 2 decimal points.
This field is the result of this operation: =G23-F23

Already set 2 decimal points in excel sheet.
Yet, still got this kind of error.

Do you have any idea?
Really appreciate your help.


Do not use the sheet’s column formatting function. The sheets formatting is just so it looks nice in the spreadsheet. The underlying data is still the same. Either create a new column that copies the value from the original column, or since you are already using a formula in your sheet, replace it with this. =TEXT(G23-F23, "###0.00")

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Thanks Jeff!
Problem solved by using your recommendation as above.

That works fine if you are working in sheets but what if you are using the Math calcs in Data? I have the same issue and it just looks strange.

The current math function doesn’t allow us to specify the number of decimal places right now. I’m sure they will expand the math capabilities in the future.

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