Decimal limit (in formula)

While combining various columns, I use formula … =(I1 & β€œ: " & I2 & " (” & H2 & β€œ)”)

Cell H2’s value is 8.17 but in the formula above it returns 8.1666666666667.
Is there a way to limit the decimals to two?

You can use a text formula to keep it to 2 decimals, or round them.

Alternatively you can do this inside glide with math and template columns.

Can you change the column type in Glide to be a number? If you can, you could then set the precision to 2 decimal places.

Tried changing col to number rather than text and it did not work. Trying ThinhDinh’s template suggestion now. Thanks to both of you for your quick replies. The vast array of solutions in Glide is beyond me and I appreciate (and learn) from the equally vast array of knowledge within the forum. :slight_smile: