How to round to number?

Hi, I need to round two numbers and then add them together.
I read several articles in the forum but I can’t find any solution, is there currently?

You can use rounding in Numbers column inside the Glide Editor, then use a Math column to add them together.

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yes, but the problem is that it shows the rounded number but when I need to do mathematical operations I don’t get the same result, specifically I need to add two numbers with decimals, which I must round, add them, and to that sum divide it by 3/8, as I cannot (or I don’t know how to) rounding the problem is that the final number if I always get the same when adding the two numbers with decimals, doing the math and rounding off the final number.

Move the rounded values to template columns. Then use the template columns in the math formula.


This is correct. Often i’ll need to convert math columns to templates in order to get a string value of the number before adding them together. I mention this in a recent post:


Thanks !!

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Thanks so much! totally worked, hope they implement a solution soon

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