Precision "Rounding" Error - triggering condition

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We have a precision rounding on a MATHS field of 1.0.

My understanding this should round to one decimal point.

However, we have values of 1.01 that are failing “less than or equal test” - despite the rounded version being 1.0.

Can you clarify how to effectively round with a Maths field please.

I’m not sure if the precision in the Number columns affects the actual value. For now, you could change your condition to be less than 1.5 to ensure it captures all that rows that you’re looking for (My assumption would be that something like 1.8 should be treated as 2.0 in your scenario).

This is display-only formatting, and does not change cell values.

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@david is there a workaround for rounding in GLIDE?
(since it’s not a google sheet cell, it’s a glide field)

There is actually a ROUND function in the Math column that is possible as a formula. See here: Math Column - Glide Library

PS: a full listing of functions for the Math column would be nice (link it inside the Math column itself as a hint or something).

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Awesome - thanks! That fixed it!

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