🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

yes, learnt it the hard way…


Thanks to Glide Team!

We will see a lot of thing i think in the future.

I echo this, we should have a list of actions and direct link to the view that controls it to be able to edit directly or delete it, or even duplicate it

Secondly if the action element is deleted by mistake specially when you work with multiple developers it won’t be retrieved back easily

@Lucas_Pires I think one of the most important parts here once the new row is released is the in App notification In-app Notifications 🔔

You presented before and now once a user view a certain notification then we can push a backend row update column to hide it from notification in app

Also you can add up Mark as unread function to shoe it again

That what am planning for so far


Hi all. I’m a bit late to the party playing with this (damn customers) but it all looks very positive. Clearly the killer will be the introduction of the new actions. I’m wondering if these will solve a scenario that I’ve been struggling with:

I want to be able to restrict a submission based on some logic. It’s to do with bookings and avoiding resource conflicts. Currently I have logic that knows when there’s a conflict (by using a relation) and I can show a message to this effect, but I can’t stop the submission.

Do we think that any combination of the new actions will allow me to solve this? Perhaps by adding a “submit” action to a button (and hiding the “top right” submit link) so that I can use visibility based on my existing logic? Or perhaps using some variation in the “add row” action?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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If you’re doing the relation outside a form I believe you can just hide it using conditional visibility or show a button with a reshuffle action (so it does nothing).

Tks @ThinhDinh. The logic is checked inside the form since I am adding a “booking”. Within the form the user can select a resource, a date and a “slot” during the day. The relation-based logic tells me if this slot is already taken so I can use visibility to show a message BUT I can’t see a way to stop the Submit, since right now the only thing that can stop a Submit is a required field being (a) visible and (b) incomplete.

This is great with so many use cases. Just checking - Is the ‘set column’ action only in staging still?

Yes that’s true.

Yeah I don’t think we can stop that.

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I can confirm that a conditional compound action tied to a button sometimes hides the button…I can’t find the cause.

This button should be here.

The visibility conditions are identical to the “Attack” button above it. Here is a screenshot of the Action Configuration:


@Robert_Petitto Have you stumbled across a solution for this one whilst playing with the new Actions capability in staging (or even elsewhere)? Cheers.

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:clap::clap: Can’t wait to have a clear action (hope it will follow the row_owner system i.e. only clearing the current user data), 'cause I’m doing over-complicated zapier or Google Script for that and that’s very painful.

:+1: Also the Show Notification will be a big help because some users don’t really read the current “Sent” one :confused:

Nothing prevents a submit except for a required field…best bet is to do the logic outside of the form button.


Maybe a lead here

That might make sense. The inequality operators (< >) in a condition seem to make the button disappear. Weird. @Mark?

@mark @antonio Another Glitch: It looks like incrementing user specific columns by a negative number resets all user specific columns for some reason:


Yes—a glitch for sure. I just switched to the data editor while pushing the buttons and watched all user specific columns reset to 0.


Don’t forget it’s weekend too, Robert :wink:

Oh I know. It’s a rainy Saturday here with nothing to do though but Twitter scroll the election and brainstorm Glide.


Have fun!