In-app Notifications đź””

Sup guys :wave:

While we don’t have push notifications, I was testing and implementing some notifications in-app to improve the engagement in my apps.

After a hardwork creating some logics, this is one of mine:

Jungle™ - Transform scenes, excerpts, poems or even thoughts into incredible stories. The best place in the world is inside the jungle!

Tab Notification: Working with 2 tabs, we can create an illusion of pending notifications.

Here people can see the notifications if:

  • People the user follows inside the app update something;
  • Someone continues the text user adds; and
  • Other users also continues a text the user continues

Announcements Notifications: I am, as adm of the app, able to add annoucements about the news inside the app, and the users can close it after see them.


This is brilliant!

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Thank you for sharing this…amazing and extremely useful while we wait for native functionality for in app notifications. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And this app is just GORGEOUS @Lucas_Pires !


Thank you @_eric :grin:

Thank you so much @Deena :relaxed:

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This is damn brilliant my brother. Congratulations!!!

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Thank you bro!! @ThinhDinh

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Smart use of tab visibility :heart_eyes:


the video you have uploaded is not loading…so can’ see your app. please share the video

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All the links are above…

Huh, just saw it! Your apps are always super cool! Im gonna downlaod it…there better be a place for me in the jungle! :grinning: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


:joy: :joy:

Thanks bro!

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@Lucas_Pires Would you be willing to be hired to put this feature on an existing app?

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Good job

So after the user opens the notification how will the system understand that he read it ?

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I’ve implemented something similar on one of my apps. Good job!

The still background image caught my attention, how did you manage to place an image in the background on the home screen?

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Really nice! One question — in the last onboarding step, you have a button that opens an enlarged image with an X in the top right. How did you do that?!


It is an extra HTML/CSS rich text I believe.


Ok, it’s kinda complex, but dm please :wink:

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Exactly! I use a html and css code with rich text do it @Rogelio

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@Yasin_Hassanien I guess we will only know when it implements
But nowadays I use a increment button that says “Ok, viewed” and when I click, change the count of notifications to 0.